Keshav Mahavidyalaya
Keshav Mahavidyalaya
NAAC Accredited 'A' Grade
University of Delhi
Estd. in 1994, fully funded by Govt. of NCT Delhi

The Department of Chemistry has two very well equipped laboratories for Organic, Inorganic, Physical, and Analytical experiments. These labs are well furnished with the modern instruments such as UV-Visible Spectrophotometers, Flame photometer, Water Deionizer, Triple water distillation unit, digital pH meters, digital Potentiometers, digital conductivitymeters, Digital TDS meters, Naphelometer, Rotary evapourator etc. Labs also have instruments for carrying out biological chemistry/biology based experiments which include Vertical Laminar Flow, Microscopes (Monocular, Binocular with Projection system), Autoclave etc.
Computer facility is also available in both the laboratories for student’s use.

  • Dr. Mukesh Associate Professor

  • Mr. Rahul Kumar
    Lab Attendant

B.Com. (Hons.) programme of University of Delhi is designed to enable and empower students to acquire knowledge, skills and abilities to analyse and synthesize the contemporary realities pertaining to the domain of business. This course not only provides for maintaining and sustaining existing businesses in the face of violent winds of change and competition but also a desperately needed perspective of sustainable growth. This programme aims at instilling conceptual understanding to equip students to deal with business realities of today and prepares them to drive and face the challenge of tomorrow. It also exposes the students to the world of technology and digitization in the relevant field as envisaged by the scholars and policymakers. As being mandated by the Government of India, “this course is designed to help cultivating entrepreneurial mindset and skills."

  • Dr. (Ms.) Shalini Kumar :- Associate Professor
  • Prof. (Ms.) Anju Arora :-Professor
  • Prof. Pardeep Kumar :- Professor
  • Prof. (Ms.) Padmasai Arora :-Professor
  • Dr. Vipin Negi :- Associate Professor
  • Dr. (Ms.) Shalini Devi :- Associate Professor
  • Dr. Deepak Srivastava :- Associate Professor
  • Ms. Anita Mendiratta (On Study Leave) :- Associate Professor
  • Mr. Sandeep Vodwal (On Study Leave) :- Assistant Professor
  • Mr. Praveen Kumar :- Assistant Professor
  • Dr. R.S. Rajpurohit :- Assistant Professor
  • Mr. Hemant Yadav :- Assistant Professor
  • Dr. (Ms.) Anjalika Solanki :- Assistant Professor
  • Mr. Kunal Kumar :- Assistant Professor
  • Ms. Namita Padhy :- Assistant Professor
  • Ms. Prama Vishnoi :- Assistant Professor
  • Ms. Monu Chauhan :- Assistant Professor
  • Dr. (Ms.) Ruchi Goyal :- Assistant Professor
  • Ms. Snehlata Rana :- Assistant Professor
  • Ms. Nidhi Aggarwal :- Assistant Professor
  • Mohd. Tariq Azizy :- Assistant Professor
  • Ms. Shivani :- Assistant Professor

  • Mr. Arvind Kumar
    Senior Technical Assistant (STA)
  • Mr. Sangram Singh Yadav
    Lab Attendant

The Department of Commerce has its society by the name of “Bizworld”, which provides the students a platform to enhance their management and public speaking skills. Bizworld conducts frequent discussions on various economic and financial topics as well as on changes in the current market trends, thus helping spread financial and economic literacy among the students. Every year Bizworld conducts an orientation programme for new students. The society also organises its annual commerce fest under the name of “Fledgling”, which includes a plethora of nerve racking events, like Stock market simulations, Out of the box quizzes, and many more, which witnesses a footfall of more than 700 students from various colleges of Delhi. The society also releases its annual commerce magazine, “Genesis”. This year it also organised a Webinar on the Topic: “Impact of Covid 19 on Start-ups and Indian Economy”. The Guest Speakers for the Webinar were Mr Samyak Jain and Mr Ashutosh Kashyap. The Webinar witnessed over 75 participants, and was quite insightful.

Keshav Mahavidyalaya is considered as one of the premier institutes for learning Computer Science in the University of Delhi with the objective of imparting quality education in the field of Computer Science. This has been made possible by its hard-working students and dedicated faculty whose utmost concern has always been the overall development of the students and of the Computer Science fraternity as a whole. The Department has always motivated the students to bring out the best in themselves by adopting new technologies, trends and ideas. With a zealous student body, innovative classroom sessions, well-equipped laboratories and dedicated faculty, the Department has been producing talented graduates every year.

  • Prof. (Ms.) Priti Sehgal :-Professor
  • Dr. (Ms.) Anjali Thukral :- Associate Professor
  • Dr. (Ms.) Roli Bansal :- Associate Professor
  • Dr. (Ms.) Bhavna Gupta :- Associate Professor
  • Dr. (Ms.) Richa Sharma :- Associate Professor
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar Yadav :- Assistant Professor
  • Ms. Richa Gupta nee Garg :- Assistant Professor
  • Ms. Maulein Pathak :- Assistant Professor
    :- (Teacher-In-Charge)
  • Ms. Aastha Goyal :- Assistant Professor
  • Ms. Nidhi Passi :- Assistant Professor
  • Mr. Sumit Baberwal :- Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Sumit Aggarwal :- Assistant Professor
  • Dr. (Ms.) Namita Aggarwal :- Assistant Professor
  • Mr. Sudhir Kumar :- Assistant Professor
  • Ms. Jyoti Kumari :- Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Rakesh Kumar :- Assistant Professor
  • Mr. Pradeep Kumar :- Assistant Professor
  • Mr. Anand :- Assistant Professor
  • Ms. Rashmeet :- Assistant Professor
  • Ms. Disha Garg :- Assistant Professor

  • Mr. Rajesh Wadhwa
    Senior Technical Assistant (STA)
  • Ms. Anuradha Chadha
    Senior Technical Assistant (STA)
  • Mr. Lovkesh Jairath
    Lab Attendant
  • Ms. Pooja Batra
    Lab Attendant
  • Mr. Ritesh Gupta
  • Contractual
  • Mr. Akhilesh Kumar
    Lab Assistant in Computer Science

Brilliant Information Technology Zealots (BLITZ), the Computer Science Society of the Department of Computer Science conducts various activities for its students from time to time, to provide insights into the current techniques and technologies. The workshops and seminars conducted have been an integrated part of the curriculum. These workshops provide opportunities for the students to expand their knowledge, refine their intellectual skills and also focuses on bringing the real-world scenarios for building their professional outlook. A few workshops conducted by the society are as follows:

Cyber Security in Digital India’ by Dr. Anup Girdhar, CEO, Sedulity Solutions and Technologies (2017-18).
‘Big Data and Hadoop’ in collaboration with Aptech, India (2017-18).
Internet of Things'(2018-2019) Prof. D. P. Vidyarthi, School of Computer & Systems Sciences, JNU

The Annual Technical Festival ‘Blitzkrieg’ of the Department is organised by the BLITZ Society. It is a platform for all the tech enthusiasts to demonstrate their skills and win exciting prizes. Students from within and outside the college participated with great zeal and enthusiasm in various events like: Codapt, TechAd, Webytes, Howztt, Logical Ambush, Commando Combat, Worth-a-Shot, ThinkBidWin, Breakin and Techvnture.

The Department is also publishing its annual e-magazine ‘e-Blitzine’ as an initiative towards saving paper and Environment since 2017. The Publication entails all the notable happenings be it workshops, achievements or events for the academic year. The magazine accommodates numerous technology related articles contributed by students and faculty members to keep students informed of ongoing changes in the tech-world. The theme for the magazine launched in 2018, was Industry 4.0 (the 4th Industrial Revolution).

Department of Electronics was established way back in 1994. Ever since its inception, the department has vigorously worked with the vision to improve itself in terms of the quality of the laboratories and the teaching methodologies employed. The department offers course which is industrial as well as research oriented. The Department has well-equipped laboratories which are the backbone of the department and contribute significantly to the practical adeptness of the students. These labs are used to perform experiments based on Analog Electronics, Digital Circuits and Systems, Instrumentation, Communication and Signal Processing and Micro-Processor Applications etc. The department has well equipped computer lab with internet facility for students as well as faculty members. All the classrooms allocated to the Electronics Department are ICT enabled. Well Equipped Hardware laboratory is available for Electronics Practicals. Well maintained Dark laboratory is available for Optoelectronics Practicals and for Optical fiber Practicals. The same hardware experiments can be simulated using various simulation softwares such as Multisim, Pspice, Sci-lab etc.

  • Prof. Vinod Kumar Sharma :-Professor
  • Dr. (Ms.) Neha Sharma :- Associate Professor
  • Dr. (Ms.) Jagneet Kaur Anand :- Associate Professor
  • Dr. (Ms.) Jyoti Anand :- Associate Professor
  • Ad-hoc
  • Mr. Himanshu Kushwah :- Assistant Professor
  • Mr. Anil Sethi :- Assistant Professor
  • Mr. Prashant Kumar :- Assistant Professor
  • Dr. (Ms.) Jyoti Bansal :- Assistant Professor

  • Mr. Rajesh Kumar
    Lab Assistant
  • Mr. Ram Kumar
    Lab Attendant
  • Contractual
  • Mr. Santosh Kumar
    Lab Attendant
  • Mr. Chandrapal Singh
    Lab Attendant
  • Mr. Punit Thakur
    Lab Attendant

‘Elektronica’, the Electronics society of the Department of Electronics, conducts regular Workshops, Lectures/Seminars. Interaction with the industry experts and eminent scientists are conducted to nurture new ideas and technical thinking. Some of the distinguished visiting faculty include Prof. Ajoy Ghatak(Retired), IIT Delhi; Dr. Meena Mishra, Scientist ‘F’, SSPL, DRDO, Delhi; Prof. R.M.Mehra, Emeritus Professor, Sharda University, to name a few. The ‘Elektronica’ Society organizes departmental festival ‘ELEXONIA’ every year with active participation of many students from all over the university.

The club for Embedded System and Robotics (CESAR) run by the department benefits the students significantly in learning as well as implementing their own innovative ideas and skills in the field of Embedded Systems and Robotics. In alliance with the CESAR, the students organize diverse workshops and technical events to develop new skills in young minds.

The Department of English is actively engaged in developing the language skills and enhancing critical thinking of students through the analysis of literatures from across the world. The department conducts group discussions, debates and panel discussions to introduce students to new ideas and to refine their opinions. The teaching practices in the department enables students to view education, and its final play in the social arena as inextricably tied up with issues of humanity, equality, and just practices. The growth of rapid globalization and the recognition of social and cultural pluralities has substantially enhanced the significance of clear and effective communication. The department imparts excellent communication-skills to comprehensively improve student’s engagement with the English language. The department offers Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course (AECC), which has been designed to cultivate communication skills through reading, writing and speaking. The reading section enables students to read analytically so the they can understand the nuances of news articles, literary works, and academic books. The course also focuses on the speaking skills of students and aims to improve the communication abilities of students by inspiring them to engage in dialogues, to hold interviews and to present public speeches. The reading and speaking skills combined together enables the students to improve their writing skills. The effective communication skills which are imparted in this course are an essential component for success in any sphere of life, be it leadership responsibilities, teamwork, interviews, presentations, or inter-personal relations.
Along with AECC, the department also floats a series of four rigorous and enriching papers for General Elective for students in the first and second year. In the first semester, we offer Academic Writing and Composition that introduces students to the conventions of Academic Writing at the very onset of their academic journey. It helps students to differentiate between creative, journalistic and academic prose. The students are introduced to various stages of academic writing such as creating a thesis statement, collating sources, collecting data and constructing an argument. The critical skills of thinking, synthesizing, analyzing, and evaluating taught in this paper reflect on all areas of student performance and, even, lead to an elevated quality of academic output in all other subjects. In the second semester, the department offers Individual and Society which introduces students to multiple hierarchies and discriminations that have become the characteristics of the modern world. The course uses short stories, poems and essays to reveal the fissures caused by gender violence, class disparity and racial discrimination. The aim of the course is to nurture an empathetic understanding among students about the disparities and discriminations that create our fractured world.
In the third semester, the department offers Language, Literature and Culture which introduces students to language from cultural, linguistic and literary perspectives. On the one hand, the course offers a deep dive into the minute aspects of language through an explanation of morphology, phonology, syntax and semantics. On the other hand, the course offers a stimulating ride through Indian literature from its beginnings in ancient epics such as the Mahabharata to its contemporary manifestations in novels, satire and folk songs. It gives students a taste of the best of Indian literature in the hope that it will ignite a life-long love for literature.
In the fourth semester, the department offers Cinematic Adaptations of Literary Texts which introduces students to the process through which a literary text is transformed into a cinematic experience. The course delves into the technical aspects of cinematic adaptations while introducing students to Shakespeare’s Othello and, its multiple reincarnations on screen.
In the English classroom, students are encouraged to raise profound questions, engage in enriching discussions and give powerful presentations. Overall, the department has created an ambience for intellectual pursuit and creative growth that helps in enhancing the personality of our students.

  • Dr. (Ms.) Manjari Singh :- Associate Professor
  • Ad-hoc
  • Mohd. Rafeeque CK :- Assistant Professor
  • Mr Archit Nanda :- Assistant Professor

As a mandate from directions of University of Delhi, the department of Environmental Studies was introduced as a compulsory and qualifying course for all the first year students in year 2014. It is relatively the youngest department of the college. With implementation of CBCS (Choice Based Credit System), the subject discipline is categorized under AECC (Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course) as a 4-credit paper undertaken compulsory and no more qualifying during the first academic year.
Mission: To bring about awareness related to ecological enrichment and environmental factors.
Vision: The department aims to impart comprehensive education to students from various disciplines, hence enable them to open up vast understanding of complexities associated with various environmental issues at local and global level. The endeavour is to inculcate the awareness with positive attitude which is much needed to address our challenges now for a better future. This provides a platform to establish linkage with various stakeholders and among students to exhibit their talent so as how to interact with the Nature-Mother Earth.
The department emphasises on integrated learning with classroom lectures facilitated by quality and quantity interactive sessions which creates conducive space for effective learning. The department always strives to ensure that students contribute to the society. Every academic session, the students are taken on educational visits by the department which proves to be very beneficial in their understanding of the pursuing subject. The department has also maintained an herbal garden and helps in keeping the college green by looking after the greenery in the college on regular basis. The students are provided

  • Dr. (Ms.) Geetanjali Sageena :- Assistant Professor
  • Dr Amit Akoijam :- Assistant Professor

हिन्दी विभाग का उद्देश्य भारतीय गौरवशाली परम्परा को बताना,हिन्दी भाषा के द्वारा भारतीय साहित्य एवं संस्कृति से अवगत कराना। हिन्दी भाषा विचार एवं अभिव्यक्ति का सशक्त माध्यम है, जिसके द्वारा लोकप्रिय संस्कृति एवं लोकप्रिय साहित्यकारों के अवदान से परिचित कराना, जिसके द्वारा विद्यार्थी कवि सम्मेलन एवं काव्य परम्परा को जान सकेंगे। विद्यार्थीयों के अंदर रचना कौशल एवं रचनाशीलता को विकसित करना जिसके द्वारा उनके अंदर लेखन के क्षेत्र में सृजनशीलता आ सके। अनुवाद आज के समय में बहुत महत्वपूर्ण विषय है। इसके अध्ययन से विद्यार्थियों के लिए विश्व बाजार में रोजगार के महत्वपूर्ण अवसर हैं। हिन्दी का उद्देश्य वैश्विक स्तर पर हिन्दी साहित्यकारों के योगदान का प्रचार प्रसार एवं साहित्य की संवेदना से परिचित कराना।हिन्दी भाषा युवाओं के लिए रोजगारपरक है।वाद-विवाद, भाषण, काव्य प्रतियोगिताओं इत्यादि के द्वारा छात्रों की प्रतिभा को विकसित करना। दिल्ली विश्वविद्यालय द्वारा निर्धारित (GE) हिन्दी ऐच्छिक पाठ्यक्रम CBCS के अंतर्गत लोकप्रिय साहित्य, रचनातमक लेखन, हिन्दी में व्यवहारिक अनुवाद एवं हिन्दी का वैश्विक परिदृश्य पढ़ाया जाता है।

  • Dr. Virender Yadav :- Assistant Professor

“Challenging Paradigms”
Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS) is a professional management course being offered by Faculty of Applied Social Sciences & Humanities (FASSH), University of Delhi. This three year undergraduate course was started at Keshav Mahavidyalaya in the year 2007 (earlier known as BBS) with the objective of stimulating students’ intellect so that they are able to apply the same in challenging work environment. It is over a decade now that the college has been offering this prestigious course successfully. It is proud to see its students transform into corporate leaders, social workers, researchers and entrepreneurs.

  • Dr. (Ms.) Amanjot Sachdeva :- Assistant Professor
  • Ms. Sonu Mehta :- Assistant Professor
  • Ad-hoc
  • Ms. Astha Kanjlia :- Assistant Professor
  • Dr. (Ms.) Nomita Sharma :- Assistant Professor
  • Ms. Kritee Manchanda :- Assistant Professor
  • Guest
  • Mr. Karan Grover

  • Mr. Sanjay Kumar
    Lab Attendant

The students’ society “Metamorphosis” is democratically elected through student elections. The Department values the importance of giving students an opportunity to conceive, design, plan and execute their ideas through events. BMS students are highly proactive in organizing or participating in various inter-department and intra-department events round the year. By organizing events on a large scale, students imbibe the skills of developing, planning, executing, communicating and negotiating. This trains them to handle time and budget constrained projects later in their work life. It serves as a practical training ground of corporate managers, business leaders and entrepreneurs. The variety of events conducted each year includes Cognizance (2-Day Annual Corporate Seminar cum Management Fest), Challenge.Enrich.Outperform. (Annual School Outreach Programme), Reminiscence (Alumni Mentorship Interaction), Workshops and Seminars, Weekly Intra Department Activities and Industrial Visits.
The student body of the department further constitutes a number of cells that work in their respective domains to organize specialized events. The cells under Metamorphosis are:
Inceptum: is the Entrepreneurship Cell founded in 2013, the cell aims at inculcating business acumen among its members through discussions using real world business cases, to understand the dynamics of the market, and develop problem-solving skills.
Mark-e-pedia: is the Marketing Cell. It is an ensemble of highly goal-driven and hardworking members, enthusiastic about knowing and working in dynamic scenarios. It focuses on the practical implementation of theoretical knowledge and providing constructive insights about marketing in the corporate ecosphere.
Sarvagya: is the Quizzing Cell that gives students a break from traditional classroom learning. The activities of this cell help students develop critical thinking and hone teamwork skills. Students learn how to connect the dots, read between the lines and arrive at a conclusion.

Tentative Event Calendar
Month Event/Activity
July – November Semester
July Constitution of Metamorphosis
Few Intra Department Activities each month:
1) Workshop
3Alumni Talk
Competitive Events
January – April Semester
January Intra Department Activity and Events
February Cognizance (National Corporate Seminar and Management Fest)
Intra Department Activity and Events

‘Perspective’ is the annual department magazine that promotes the creative expression of students and chronicles the department’s activities round the year. The department has been successfully taking out the magazine since 2009. It is a milestone that marks the department’s growth, unfolds its imaginations and gives life to its aspirations, propelling every endeavor. It unleashes a wide spectrum of creative skills among students ranging from writing to editing and designing.

The Department of Mathematics offers two undergraduate courses: B.Sc. Mathematics Honours and B.Sc. Mathematical Sciences. The department nurtures academics, research, and analytical thinking. This approach provides a path to improve overall performance of the students. The Department has eminent teachers who continuously upgrade their knowledge by participating in various conferences as well as workshops and seminars. They are regularly publishing their research work at various platforms. They motivate students for higher career prospects. In spite of COVID -19 pandemic, the mathematics faculty made teaching and learning process enriching for students by using various online platforms. The department enhances learning through reality of concepts by shifting students from desk to the lab. Department has its own ICT lab which comprises of more than 40 computers along with projectors and printer. . Mathematics department has its own Mathematical society comprising of students which organizes Mathematical Festival ‘MODULUS’ every year. In last academic term for the first time, the festival was held in virtual mode. This festival challenge and inspire participants to see Maths in new and exciting ways. Also from this year, Mathematical Society is planning to launch their annual magazine.

  • Dr. (Ms.) Rubina Mittal :- Associate Professor
  • Dr. (Ms.) Rajni Mendiratta :- Associate Professor (Teacher-In-Charge)
  • Dr. (Ms.) Arpana Sharma :- Associate Professor
  • Dr. (Ms.) Ritu Arora :- Associate Professor
  • Dr. Ashish Bansal :- Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Dhanpal Singh :- Assistant Professor
  • Dr. (Ms.) Richie Aggarwal :- Assistant Professor
  • Ms. Rajat Arora :- Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Ram Chander Verma :- Assistant Professor
  • Mr. Panjabi Singh :- Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Subedar Ram :- Assistant Professor
  • Ms. Vandana Verma :- Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Ravi Kumar :- Assistant Professor
  • Mr. Deepak Meena :- Assistant Professor
  • Mr. Ankit Kumar :- Assistant Professor

  • Mr. Surendra Kumar
    Lab Attendant

Modulus The Department of Mathematics has a society named ‘MODULUS’. The students of B.Sc. (H) Mathematics and B.Sc (Prog.) Mathematical Science are the members of the society. The purpose of the society is to provide a platform for interaction not only among the students of Mathematics of all the three years but also with the students of other courses and colleges. The society organizes various inter-college competitions and mathematical events every year. It helps in inculcating the mathematical and organizational skills among the students.

Education is the knowledge of value. The Department provides various opportunities to the students to develop analytical and scientific skills through practical exposure and scientific experimentation. Such an approach provides a path to improve the overall performance and academic excellence of students. The Department also motivates students for higher studies along with guiding them towards various career prospects. An opportunity to visit various research centres for updating students with the latest technologies is also arranged. The Department is well equipped with various experimental setups in all labs like Laser Lab, Computer Lab, Thermal Lab, Electronics Lab along with Optics and BG lab. The cooperative environment and available facilities at the department aims at nurturing creativity and critical thinking in students.

  • Dr. A.K. Arora :- Associate Professor (On Deputation)
  • Dr. V.K. Verma :- Associate Professor (Teacher-In-Charge)
  • Dr. (Ms.) Kanupriya Goswami :- Associate Professor
  • Dr. (Ms.) Anupama :- Associate Professor
  • Dr. (Ms.) Vandana Arora :- Associate Professor
  • Dr. (Ms.) Divya Haridas :- Associate Professor
  • Dr. Jasmeet Singh :- Associate Professor
  • Ms. Meenakshi :- Assistant Professor
  • Ms. Chetna (On Study Leave) :- Assistant Professor
  • Dr. (Ms.) Smita Korpal :- Assistant Professor
  • Mr. Gagandeep Longiany :- Assistant Professor
  • Ms. Neha Yadav :- Assistant Professor

  • Mr. Prem Singh
    Lab Assistant
  • Mr. Chander Parkash
    Lab Assistant
  • Mr. Arun Kumar Sharma
    Lab Assistant
  • Mr. Jasbir Singh
    Lab Attendant
  • Mr. Ajay
    Sports Attendant (On Diverted Duty)
  • Contractual
  • Mr. Hari Chand Meena
    Lab Attendant
  • Mr. Sanjay Kumar
    Lab Attendant

COSMOS-The Physics Society organizes its annual Physics Festival 'Curiosity', which provides exposure to the students in the form of special lectures, poster presentations, debate and various competitions like quiz, puzzle etc. This year in the month of February a special lecture on 'Modern Astronomy' delivered by Prof. H. P. Singh from Department of Physics & Astrophysics, University of Delhi.

The Department of Psychology aims at imparting knowledge to strengthen the theoretical base of the students as well as providing practical knowledge pertaining to the applicability of the subjects. InPsych is the society of Department of Psychology which organizes various events, seminars and activities throughout the year at inter college and intra college levels.
The department also publishes an annual magazine – PSYNOPSIS. This magazine is meant only for internal distribution, i.e. for the students and faculty of Keshav Mahavidyalaya.
The psychology department is running its counselling and guidance cell named “CONSULENZA”. it aims to provide psychological support to the college students related to their emotional issues and conflicts. The purpose of this cell also includes proving training to the psychology department students about various skills and techniques to help them enhance their abilities as a professional counsellor. The department has started ANUBHAV- The Psychology Internship Cell on August 28, 2018 with the aim of helping the students get practical experience in the areas they plan to work in.

  • Dr. (Ms.) Daisy Sharma :- Assistant Professor
  • Dr. (Ms.) Harpreet Bhatia :- Associate Professor
  • Dr. (Ms.) Vandana Gambhir Chopra :- Assistant Professor
  • Dr. (Ms.) Pallavi Raj :- Assistant Professor
  • Ms. Akanksha Mendiratta :- Assistant Professor
  • Dr. (Ms.) Mona Ranga :- Assistant Professor
  • Ms. Pinki :- Assistant Professor

InPsych, the society of Department of Psychology has been actively organizing events, workshops, seminars, fests and even National conference. It organized its first investiture ceremony on September 17, 2018, wherein badges were given to the office bearers of InPsych. The year also marked the beginning of Psyphoria, the annual departmental fest of InPsych, on October 31, 2018. Workshop on Handwriting Analysis and several competitive events were organized. The Psychology Carnival was organized on March 12-13, 2019. A seminar was organized on “Building Interpersonal Relationships”. Psychology Games were also organized which provided a platform for learning through fun activities and provided an exposure to psychological tests, techniques, and instruments to non- psychology students. A Gratitude Tree to express gratitude and halogen balloons to let go of negative thought were also part of the event. The second day of the carnival witnessed students participating in workshops on Psychometric testing, Body language and Psychology and Dream analysis.

The Department of Physical Education organized the Annual Sports Day on March 18th, 2019. Chief Guest Sh. Lt. Col. Swaroop Singh Kuntal (Indian Army), graced the occasion and gave the prizes. Many games like Table Tennis (Men & Women), Chess (Men & Women), Basketball (Men & Women), Volleyball (Men & Women), Cricket (Men), Football (Men), Tug of War ((Men & Women), Ball Badminton, Kabbadi (Men) and Athletics Event were organized which saw mass participation of students along with teaching & non-teaching staff.

  • Dr. Surendra Singh :- Assistant Professor

  • Mr. Ajay
    Sports Attendant
  • Contractual
  • Mr. Karmveer
    Ground Man
  • Mr. Sanam Pathaniya
    Ground Man
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