Research Areas of Interest

Artificial Intelligence Adhoc Networks
Recommender Systems Swarm Intelligence
Fuzzy Logic Web Intelligence
Web Usege Mining Web Content Mining
Knowledge Representation Genetic Algorithms
Computer Networks Data Mining
Network Security Intrusion Detection Systems
Deep Learning Cyber Security
Machine Learning Nature Inspired Algorithms
Mobile Ad-hoc Networks Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks
Deep Web Dark Web
Reverse Engineering Neural Networks

Doctoral Research

Traffic Signals and Routing Optimization for Congestion Control in Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks

M.Phil. Research

An Approach to Reverse Engineer an Object Oriented Code into UML Diagrams Incorporating Extensible Mechanisms

Guidance to Research Scholars

Ph.D. (In-Progress): 03

  • Ms. Neha Gupta, Use of Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Cyber Security. Depatment of Computer Science, University of Delhi (Date of Registration: Nov 27, 2018).(Thesis Submitted)
  • Ms. Sanchita Aggarwal, Use of Marketing Management/Marketing Models in E-Commerce. Department of Operation Research, University of Delhi (Date of Registration: Mar 3, 2021).
  • Ms. Rania Alshikhe, Use of Dissecting Trajectory Big data . RMIT University, Australia

Supervision of MCA projects (IGNOU) :      03

Supervision of PGDCA projects (IGNOU):  10

Supervision of BCA projects (IGNOU):        01

Supervision of B.Sc. (H) CS projects (DU): 25

Academic Project Done During MCA

  • Position:                 Analyst and Designer
    Period:                   July 2000 - December 2000
    Team Size:             1
    Methodology:         System Analysis and Designing
    Language:              C
    Operating System: Windows 95
    Hardware:              Pentium
    Status:                   Completed