Generic Elective Options Form - 2022
Please read the instructions given below carefully before filling the Option Form for Generic Elective (GE) Paper:

  1. The student of B. A. (Hons.)/B. Com. (Hons.)/B M S/ B. Sc. (Hons.) Course in the Choice Based Credit System (CBCS):LOCF program is required to study four Generic Elective (GE) papers, one in each semester from Semesters I to IV.
  2. The students of B. A. (Hons.)/B. Com. (Hons.)/ B. Sc. (Hons.) Course in order to be eligible for post-graduate in another discipline may opt for the Generic Elective (GE) of a particular subject in each semester to earn 24 credits in the concerned discipline.
  3. It is mandatory for the students of B. Sc. (Hons.) Physics to study Mathematics as Generic Elective (GE) papers, so that they are eligible for appearing and competing in entrance test for admission under P. G. Courses in various institutes.
  4. The student must fill all the three preferences for GE paper carefully as the GE paper will be allotted as per the preferences. College reserves the right to allocate GE option other than the first preference.
  5. Department of Mathematics and Department of Economics have floated two options each. However, section for a particular option would be started depending on the number of students opting that GE paper. Students may fill any one of these options in one preference or they may also fill both these options(in the prefrential order) in one preference.
  6. The student will not be permitted to change the options/preferences once submitted under any circumstances.
  7. The minimum number of students in a class/section is 12. The maximum number of students in a class/section is 72. Second section in a GE paper will be started only if number of students will be 85 or more. The students submitting the form in order of 73 to 84 will be allotted their second/third (next best possible) preference.
  8. The students will be allotted the best possible preference on “First come first get” basis.
  9. GE paper once allotted will not be changed under any circumstances.

Generic Elective (GE) Paper/Subject offered in Semester III of Academic Session 2020-2021
# Department/
GE Paper in Semester III
This GE Form is for IIIrd sem only.