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Right To Information (RTI)
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Right To Information (RTI)

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Right To Information Act, 2005 (English Version)
Right To Information Act, 2005 (Hindi Version)
How To Obtain Information
Manual 1 (Particulars of organisation, functions and duties)
Manual 2 (Powers and duties of the officers and employees)
Manual 3 (Procedure followed to take a decision in various matters)
Manual 4 (Norms set by the college for the discharge of its functions)
Manual 5 (Rules, regulations and instructions used)
Manual 6 (Official documents and their availability)
Manual 7 (Mode of public participation)
Manual 8 (The various committees of the staff council)
Manual 9 (Directory of officers and employees)
Manual 10 (Monthly remuneration received by each employee)
Manual 11 (Budget allocation to the college)
Manual 12 (Manner of execution of subsidy programmes)
Manual 13 (Concessions granted and availed by the college)
Manual 14 (Information available in electronic form)
Manual 15 (Means, methods and facilities available to citizens for obtaining information)
Manual 16 (List of Information Officers)
Manual 17 (Other information)
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