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Bachelor of Management studies
B.Com ( Hons)
B.Sc.(Hons.) Computer Science
B.Sc.(Hons.) Electronics
B.Sc.(Hons.) Mathematics
B.Sc.Physical Science with Computer Science
B.Sc.(Hons.) Physics
B.A. (Hons.) Psychology
B.Sc.(Gen) Mathematical Sciences
B.Sc.(Hons.) Physics
No. of Seats : 31 (Gen-16, SC-5, ST-2, OBC-8, PH-1)

The Course : Physics enjoys the status of one of the oldest academic disciplines. It is the science which gives general analysis of nature and deals with concepts which helps to understand how the Universe behaves. Advances in physics have always influenced other sciences and have translated to the technological sector. The integrated B.Sc.(H) Physics program has 12 papers from the main discipline viz. Physics and 6 papers from other disciplines. In the third year a student has the option to opt any one of the following papers: Modern Chemistry, Biophysics and Economics. A degree in physics opens the door to a wide array of careers such as civil services, MBA, MCA apart from research in specialized areas of physics.

Paper No Description Paper No Description Paper No Description
Semester – I Semester – III Semester - V

PHHT – 307 Mathematical
Physics III
PHHT - 515 Mathematical
Physics V

PHHT - 308 Microprocessor
and Computer
PHHT - 516 Quantum

PHHT - 309 Thermal Physics PHHT - 517 Atomic and
Molecular Physics

PHHT - 310 Mathematics I PHHT - 518 Electronic
Semester – II Semester – IV Semester – VI

PHHT - 411 Mathematical
Physics IV
PHHT - 619 Electromagnetic

PHHT - 412 Optics PHHT - 620 Statistical Physics

PHHT - 413 Mathematics II
(Analysis and
PHHT - 621

Solid State Physics

PHHT - 414 Numerical Analiysis PHHT - 622 Nuclear and Particle Physics
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