Student Feedback Form

Student Detials

I. Academics (Rate)
1. Are the classes held regularly?
2. What is the extent of coverage of Syllabus?
3. Is the syllabus covered on time?
4. Do you find the class assignments and tests useful?
5. Have you attended any workshops/seminars held in your college/department?
II. Infrastructure (rate)

1. Classrooms

 i) Cleanliness
 ii) Quality of projector
 iii) Quality of Furniture
 iv) Size of classroom
 v) Lighting and Ventilation
 vi) Sitting space

 2. Labs of your department

 i) Availability of sufficient number of software , hardware or instruments
 ii) Maintenance of Labs
 iii) Availability of support staff for student queries

3. Canteen

 i) Quality of food
 ii) Hygiene

4. Washrooms

 i) Cleanliness
 ii) Lighting
 iii) Availability of water supply


 Availability of enough potable drinking water in the college

6. Library

 i) Availability of subject related books
 ii) Availability of reference books
 iii) Lighting
 iv) Availability of Magazines/newspapers
 v) Availability of Journals

7. Internet Facility

 i) Availability of Wi-fi
 ii) Speed of Wi-fi
III. Sports and Extra-Curricular activities
 1. Availability of opportunities, support and promotion of sports in your college.
 2. Does the college have enough space to play sports?
 3. Did you find enough opportunities to nurture your sports skills?
 4. Did you find enough opportunities to nurture your extra-curricular skills?
 5. Number of opportunities to participate in college or departmental festival
IV. Discipline in the college
 Discipline in the college
V. Grievance redressal in the college.
 Grievance redressal in the college
VI. Please give suggestions for further improvement.