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The college hasa commerce society named “BIZWORLD” which providesa platform to the students to express their views on current economic issuesthrough events like debates, quiz, poster competitions, extempore and groupdiscussions. It also organizes an annual Commerce festival by the name of ‘Fledging’.



BrilliantInformation Technology Zealots computer society is developed to organize eventssuch as seminars, debates and computer festivals. The aim of the society is tokeep the students abreast of new advances in the fast changing world ofinformation technology.



The physicssociety Cosmos was instituted in 2013 onlyand has all undergraduate physics students as its members. The Society has fourstudent representatives along with three Teacher representatives from physicsfaculty. Cosmos organized its first Physics Festival Curiosity 2014 on 7thMarch 2014.



It is a societystarted by the electronics department in the year 2012. Touching and exploringvarious arenas of latest technologies the society helps the students in everypossible manner. Many interactive sessions are done to enlighten the studentswith latest technology. The society also organizes an annual festival by thename of ‘ELEXONIA’.



The psychology department has been in place since 2007 and it hasprogressed and grown immensely over the years in the able guidance of thefaculty members and the enthusiasm of the students. The psychology society INPSYCH took birth in August 2013. The main aim ofthe society is to provide a platform for the budding psychologists. Thesociety's name means an ‘insight into the human psyche’, which signifies adesire for knowledge and an eagerness to understand the human mind. Itorganized its first event 'In Talk with a School Psychologist' on   October 4th, 2013. Interesting, intelligibleand enlightening would fit best to describe the event which provided students aglimpse into the profession of school psychology.  The journey and the accounts were trulyinspiring and enlightening to the students. The student members of the societyunderwent an intensive two-day training program at the prestigious DefenceInstitute of Psychological Research (DIPR), Delhi in the month of December,2013. One of the third year society members was able to successfully complete amonth-long internship at the Defence Institute of Physiology and AlliedSciences (DIPAS), Delhi. The society also organized its first-everinter-collegiate fest FENESTRA on 4th March 2014.



The Departmentof Management Studies at KMV promotes a societal culture, believes inempowering the students and inculcating leadership qualities. This is achievedthrough Metamorphosis, a students’ body democratically formed by BBS and BMSstudents. Theaim of the society is to learn by organizing and being a part of events likeseminars, competitions, both inter and intra-college. The society also aims tospread knowledge among the students of the university on academic and non-academic subjects. Metamorphosis promises to create professional andresponsible individuals who will steer the way ahead towards an “organized” andprospering economy.



Mathematicsdepartment has its society “MODULUS” which organizes various inter collegecompetitions and its annual event.





Advaitaa - thedance society of Keshav Mahavidyalaya, was founded in year 2012-2013. Thepurpose of the society is to provide a platform to the students to showcasetheir dance talent.



Anhad, the musicsociety of Keshav Mahavidyalaya began with one single instrument-the guitar,but with 15 souls devoting themselves as one for Music. In 2014, the musicsociety expanded its wings and emerged as Anhad - The Band. The foundationmembers -  DevSaluja, Ashwani Kumar, Harshit Goyal, Nidhi, Hartaj and Abhinav walkeddown this rhythmic journey of music together and won their very first title of ANTARDHWANI 2014 within a mere 3 months of theirformation. The band was awarded the second position and the title was given bythe honorable Vice chancellor of University of Delhi, Dr. Dinesh Singh. Theband is famously known to play Bollywood medleys in their own style.



The college hasa dramatic society named “SHADES” which gives a chance not only to budding actorsbut also to writers, directors and many others who are encouraged to bringforth their talent.



VAGMITA, as thename suggests is the eloquence- the art to express, to say the unsaid…

VAGMITA Debating cum PoetrySociety is one of the youngest societies of Keshav Mahavidyalaya. Theaim with which Vagmita saw its creation was to provide a platform where peoplerealize that they still have the freedom supremo- The FREEDOM of EXPRESSION. Itseeks to instill the feeling of letting out the emotions deep in you that youfind your thoughts strangled with sometimes. Vagmita has always worked on asimplified thought- Be the voice you would want to hear in your support.


SPIC-MACAY is asociety that carries forward the torch of India’s classical music and cultureacross to the new generation. Keshav Mahavidyalaya is proud to be associatedwith the society. The first concert of SPIC-MACAY was held under “VIRASAT 2001”series of concerts. The college has maintained the tradition of at least oneconcert every year. In recent years, SPIC MACAY organized performances fromeminent performers like Pandit Viswa Mohan Bhatt, Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma,Shovana Narayan, Warsi Brothers, S. Kanaka, and Shashank Subramanyam.



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