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Hostel Mess


Mess is an integral part of hostel and mess services are compulsory for all resident students. The hostel has a well-spaced mess with a proper dining area with all facilities like seating arrangement, drinking water etc. The mess services are outsourced and a caterer runs the mess. The menu of the food likely to be served in the hostel mess (w.e.f July 2014) is as below:




Evening Tea



8 AM to

10 AM

12:30 PM to

3:00 PM

5 PM to

6 PM

8:00 PM to

9:30 PM


Bread/Toast (upto 4 pieces) + Jam/Butter + Coffee /Tea

Chhole + Rice + Chapatti  + Raita + Salad

Uttapam (one)  + Tea

Palak Paneer + Dal + Rice + Chapatti  + Salad + Ice Cream


Poori (upto 4) + Aloo Chane ki Subji +Tea

Kadi + Rice + Jeera Aaloo + Chapatti   + Salad

Bread Pakora (one) + Tea

Seasonal Vegetable + Dal Makhani + Rice + Chapatti + Salad + Suji Ka Halwa


Bread/Toast (upto 4 pieces) + Omlette (one egg)/Butter + Tea

Rajma + Seasonal Vegetable + Rice + Chapatti + Raita + Salad

Aaloo Ki Tikki (one) + Tea

Cheese Chilli + Dal + Rice + Chapatti  +  Salad


Aaloo Parantha (upto 2) + Curd  + Tea

Seasonal Vegetable + Dal + Rice + Chapatti  + Salad

Samosa (one) + Tea

Ghia Kofte + Dal + Rice + Chapatti  + Salad  + Jalebi


Bread/Toast (upto 4 pieces) + Jam/Butter + Coffee /Tea

Lobiya + Aaloo Soyabin + Rice + Chapatti + Raita + Salad

Dhokla (one) + Tea

Chicken/Mutter Paneer + Dal + Rice + Chapatti + Salad


Aaloo Parantha (upto 2) +  Curd  + Tea

Seasonal Vegetable + Dal + Rice + Chapatti  + Salad

Rusk (one) + Tea

Black Chane + Seasonal Vegetable + Rice + Chapatti + Salad  + Kheer


Poori (upto 4) + Aloo Subji  + Tea

Veg. Pulav  + Raita  + Salad

Fried Idli (one) + Tea

Seasonal Vegetable + Dal + Rice + Chapatti  + Salad  + Sevai

At present, the mess charges are Rs. 2700/- + government taxes per month. The students will be required to pay half of this amount if mess is operational for 12 days or less in a calendar month, three fourth of this amount if mess is operational for more than 12 days but less than 20 days in a calendar month and full amount if mess is operational for more than 20 days in a calendar month. The resident students should pay the mess charges semester-wise in the following manner:


S. No.

Odd/Even Semesters

Amount (in Rs.)

Payment Due Dates


Odd Semesters (July to December 2014)


Upto 31st July 2014 till 1:00 PM


Even Semesters (January to May 2015)


Upto 10thJanuary 2015 till 1:00 PM


$ - Mess charges may be revised w.e.f January 2015. The students will be pre-informed about the revision of mess fee, if any.


A late fine fee may be charged for payment beyond due date @ Rs. 25/- per day for first 10 days and @ Rs. 50/- per day for next 10 days. Thereafter, the resident students will be required to vacate the hostel room.



A rebate @ Rs. 50/- per day will be given in the mess charges to the students for not using the mess facility from July 2014 onwards. This facility will be available only to those resident students who are not residing in the hostel continuously for 6 days or more and not using the mess services during this period with prior permission of the Warden & the Principal and with prior information to the mess contractor.


            The balance amount left in mess charges and the rebates granted will be adjusted in the mess

charges of the next semester or refunded at the end of the semester.





Students should maintain an atmosphere of dignity, decorum, friendliness and respect in the mess among themselves and with the mess staff.


Students must observe the timings of the meals. No meals will be served before the stipulated time. Meals beyond the stipulated time will be served only when the Warden/mess staffs is pre-informed by the student.


Students may entertain their female guests only for meals in the mess on direct payment basis with prior permission of the Warden and prior information to the mess staff. At present, the rates payable for direct payment basis are Rs. 25/- for breakfast, Rs. 40/- for lunch, Rs. 12/- for evening tea and Rs. 45/- for dinner. These rates may be revised w.e.f January 2015.


Mess services will be available till the next two days of the completion of semester examinations for the regular students.


The students must sign on the register (kept in the mess) before availing any meal in the mess.


Students are expected to enter the dining hall in a proper dress with tied hair. Night apparel is not permitted in the dining hall. Students are not permitted to enter in the kitchen area.


Students should not take any utensils out of the mess area.


No request for change in the menu will be entertained under ordinary circumstances.


The quantities mentioned above are non-transferable.


Room services will not be provided unless recommended by the Warden of the hostel in the extra-ordinary cases like illness etc.


If required, the resident students can get their lunch packed (of breakfast items) during breakfast time with pre-information to the Warden/mess staffs.


In case of any complaint related with food quality & quantity, mess services and behaviour of mess staff, the student(s) should submit their representation to the Warden defining the complaint clearly and mentioning their name(s), course & semester with signature(s). The Warden will try to resolve the complaint at her own level. If necessary, the Warden may forward it to the Principal for further action along with her comments. The students should not argue with the mess staff under any circumstances.


The seasonal vegetables, mentioned in the menu will be decided by the Canteen committee along with two students’ representative in consultation with the mess contractor on quarterly basis and it will be based on the students’ feedback taken on quarterly basis by the committee. The students’ representatives will be elected/nominated by the Principal on quarterly basis.


Cooked food from outside is allowed in the hostel only with prior permission of the Warden and the college shall not be responsible for any problem arising out of it.


Wastage of food is strictlyforbidden and will be punished with a minimum fine of Rs. 100/- per meal.


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