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About Hostel
Hostel Admission
Rules & Regulation
Vacations & Leave
Hostel Vactions Leaves







Residents will not be permitted to leave for home before the announced dates of vacations. No travel reservations should be made before the commencement of the vacations.

1.      Residents must be present on the first and last day of every term. Travel arrangement should be made accordingly. Failure to comply will lead to disciplinary action.

2.      The Hostel seat will be allotted to another student if a resident fails to return to the Hostel at the end of the vacation and no information is furnished to the office within one week. The Hostel authorities will not take any responsibility for any belongings left behind.

3.      Students admitted under the sports category will not be permitted to leave the Hostel during the autumn and winter breaks if there is any sports event in which they are required to participate.

4.      Please note that the hostel will be closed during Summer Vacations for the annual upkeep, whitewash, cleaning and repairs.


1.         A resident is permitted a total of 3 Night Out Leaves/ Late Night Leaves per month.

2.         These can be availed on either Saturday night/ Sunday nights/ previous day night of leave.

3.         Resident on Night Out Leave on Saturday must report by 7.30 pm on Sunday.

4.         Resident on Night Out Leave on Sunday must report by 8.30 am on Monday.

5.         Late Night Leave is till 9 pm.


Resident may avail Night Out/ Late Night/ Home leave(s) only during the following days:




Types of Leave

Leave days


Night Out Leave

(to Local Guardian’s place)

Weekends (Saturdays, Sundays) and/ or gazetted holiday(s)


Late Night Leave

Weekends (Saturdays, Sundays) and/ or gazetted holiday(s)


Home Leave




The hostel warden reserves the right to sanction/deny any other kind of leave.

·           Residents are required to see the Hostel Notice Board for announcements made from time to time.

·           No notices can be put up on any of the Notice Boards of the hostel without written permission/ signature of the administration. Sticking of unauthorized bills, posters or notices in any of the public spaces within the hostel premises is strictly prohibited.





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