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Hostel Rules & Regulation





Hostel residents are expected to follow the hostel/college rules both in letter and in spirit. Any violations of rules will be strictly punished with fines and / or expulsion from the hostel and college. Re-admission into the hostel will be denied to those found guilty of previous violations and disciplinary action will be initiated against offenders. The college reserves the right to revise, modify, or change any of these regulations. Residents are required to abide by all instructions announced/ displayed from time to time.



  Residents of the Hostel shall be provided rooms on sharing basis. Rooms once allotted cannot be   changed without prior approval of the Warden.

 1.         Residents are expected to keep their rooms and surroundings neat and tidy. They are responsible for the care and maintenance of their room and furniture provided to them.

a.         Residents are not to disfigure the wall. No additional nails, pictures are allowed to be fixed on the walls or furniture. Any violation will invite penalty of Rs. 1000/-.

b.        No furniture can be removed from the room. Residents will have to return the allotted furniture in good condition.

c.         No additional furniture can be brought into the Hostel without prior permission of the Warden. Residents will be charged for all damages and losses caused individually or collectively.

2.         Steel Bins are provided for collection of litter.

3.         Lights and fans should be switched off while leaving the rooms.

a.         Power points are provided in designated areas.

b.        Electric kettles and room heaters, coolers, hot plates are not allowed. Anyone found using such appliances will be liable for disciplinary action, including a fine and cancellation of his/her seat in the Hostel.

c.         Battery operated transistors and record players may be played at a low volume.

d.        Residents can bring their own laptops. They will be responsible for their safety.

e.         The electricity bill, if found more than the regular amount collected, shall be borne equally by all the residents.

4.         No cooking or ironing is allowed in the room.

a.         Residents must bring their own crockery and cutlery for use in their rooms.

b.        Students are not allowed to remove the kitchen utensils, crockery and cutlery from the Dining Hall under any circumstance.

5.      Residents are advised not to bring jewellery or keep large sums of money in their rooms. The Hostel authorities will not be responsible for any loss.

6.      College classrooms are located within hearing distance of the hostel. Care should be taken not to disturb the atmosphere of the college by playing loud music or generally creating disturbing noise etc.

a.       Residents must maintain proper decorum in the Hostel. As a rule residents should not carry on any activity in the room which would cause disturbance to roommates or other students.

b.      They are required to behave properly with members of the service staff, and their fellow residents.

c.       They must maintain silence in the corridors.

7.      Smoking Cigarettes, Hukka and Consumption of alcoholic drinks/intoxicating drugs, etc. is strictly prohibited in the Hostel. Any one indulging in the above will be liable for disciplinary action, including expulsion from the Hostel.

8.      Detection of others property in the room may result in disciplinary action.

9.      Any vandalism will attract strict punitive action.

10.  The college playing fields may be used by the residents in the evening.

11.  Students are expected to appreciate the time and money spent in the maintenance of the lawns and garden. Misuse of the lawns such as causing damage to plants and trees and littering will invite disciplinary action.

12.  No resident can engage any person for service of any kind.

13.  Residents are not allowed to engage in any type of paid work outside the college during their stay in the Hostel.

14.  Residents are required to vacate their rooms within 3 days of their last University examination and hand over the keys of their rooms to the Warden, failing which, they would not be admitted to the Hostel the following year even if otherwise found eligible. The Principal/Warden is authorized to remove their belongings in the room if any, and put an official lock.

a.         Residents must hand over possession of the room to the Warden before leaving and obtain a Clearance Certificate from her.

b.        No luggage can be left in the room or the Hostel premises at the Semester/Year end.

15.  The Warden/Principal can, without assigning any reason, change/open/check the room allotted to a resident. Non-compliance of order in this regard is to be treated as a serious breach of discipline inviting penal action. Any attempt or connivance leading to any damage to Hostel property/building or image of the institution shall be treated as an act of gross indiscipline inviting penal action, including fine as well as cancellation of seat.

16.  Since it is a privilege to gain admission to the Keshav Mahavidyalaya Girl’s Hostel, residents are expected to maintain excellence in academics.

a.       Further, they are expected to attend all lectures, tutorials, tests, seminars and house examinations. Shortage in attendance, failing in house examinations, poor academic performance and lack of participation in co-curricular and extracurricular activities will be viewed seriously.

b.      Performance of residents admitted on the basis of Sports/ECA will be monitored periodically. They are liable to lose their Hostel seat if their performance is not satisfactory


Every resident who is present in the Hostel premises should get herself marked present in the attendance register. Daily attendance has to be signed in during breakfast time i.e. between 7.30 a.m. to 8.30 a.m. and during dinner time i.e. 7.30 p.m. to 8.30 p.m. All residents must be present, unless prior leave has been granted.

No resident is allowed to go out of the Hostel after 7.30 p.m. Violation of this rule could lead to strict disciplinary action, including expulsion.



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