Keshav Alumni
A strong bonding with alumni is utmost important for the growth of an institution. Keshav Mahavidyalaya is really proud of its alumni who have excelled in every walk of life. Although all the staff members are well connected with our former students, yet the college has made efforts to start Alumni Association. The faculty coordinators, Dr. Priti Sehgal and Dr. Anupama initiated the process by formation of coordination committee for organising an Alumni Meet. Six alumni volunteered to be part of the committee. With the efforts of the committee consisting of alumni volunteers and student volunteers from different courses of current batches, first Alumni Reunion was organised on Dec 23, 2017. The event was attended by many alumni ranging across various batches, right from the first batch to recent batches. The event was stimulating and enjoyable. The Inaugural session was followed by cultural programme by our present students. Great ambience was observed everywhere with old students reliving their old memories with their teachers, batch mates, seniors and juniors. Many students from current batches were also seen interacting with their pass out seniors and learning from their experiences. On this occasion, first KMV Alumni Association was formalized. A team of office bearers consisting of Mr. Krishan Aggarwal (President), Mr. Ankur Jain (Secretary), Dr. Amit Sehgal (Treasurer) and Mr. Gaurav Bauddh (Joint Secretary) was also nominated to carry forward the work of Alumni Association. The team was approved by the Chairperson, Governing Body and was announced during the event.

List of Life Members
# Name Course Year of Graduation
1 Krishan Aggarwal B.Com (H) 1998
2 Ankur Jain B.Com (H) 1998
3 Amit Sehgal B.Sc (H) Electronics 1999
4 Gaurav Bauddh B.Sc. (G) Mathematical Science 2009
5 Seema Wadhwa B.Sc (G) Mathematical Science. 2001
6 Rajat Jain B.Com (H) 2005
7 Mohan Lal Garg B.Com (H) 2005
8 Balwan Bansal B.Com (H) 2005
9 Manish Uppal B.Com (H) 1999
10 Vineet Kumar Gupta B.Com (H) 1999
11 Veena Bhurani B.Com (H) 2003
12 Manan Sachdeva B.Com (H) 2001
13 Nikhil Madan B.Com(H) 2001
14 Abubhav Gogia B.Com (H) 2001
15 Manish Kohli B.Com (H) 1997
16 Amit Garg B.Com (H) 1998
17 Nitin Verma B.Com (H) 1999
18 Sajjan Kumar B.Com (H) 2000
19 Charu Jain B.Com(H)
21 Vinay Sheel Mishra B.Com(H)
22 Aditya Pruthi B.A.(A) Psychology 2014
23 Pallavi Gupta B.Com(H) 1999
24 Amit Goyal B.Com(H) 1997

Executive members of Alumni Association of Keshav Mahavidyalaya

Mr. Krishan Aggarwal
Mr. Ankur Jain
Dr. Amit Sehgal
Mr. Gaurav Bauddh
Jt. Secretary